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pic_2Here is some information on the laws pertaining to water wells.

NOTE: What you will “NOT” find here is a set of regulations for private residential water treatment systems, as none exist at this time. Don’t be fooled it’s “BUYER BEWARE” for private residential water treatment. There are “NO” licensing requirements for private residential water treatment systems.

Here at Flow Water Solutions we treat your site as if it were a designated site were there are a set of rules and regulations. This means we only use certain products that meet these requirements.

Ontario Licensed Water Well Contractors
Scholz Contracting Ltd. o/a Flow water solutions

Reg 903  Ontario’s law on water wells

Publications for Water Wells
Water QualityWater ConservationWell SafetyResources

Water wells
“Best Management practice”  ( BMP) Dec 2009


Publications for Private Residential Water Treatment

Residential Water
Water Safety: Choosing a Water Treatment System

Designated Sites


Small Drinking Water Systems
Ontario Regulation 318/08

Small Drinking Water Systems
Ontario Regulation 319/08

Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries
Ontario Regulation 243/07

Drinking Water Systems
Ontario Regulation  170/03



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