Water Well Services


We service all forms of water wells, well pumps, and pressure systems. At Flow Water Solutions, weather it is a simple conventional pressure system, to a constant pressure system, we can handle everything from a ½ hp to 100 hp.

As Licensed Water Well Contractors we  provide the following services:

  • Water well upgrades
  • Pump replacement
  • Pressure tank replacement
  • Recovery tests / Flow rate tests
  • Certifications for Real Estate Transactions
  • Education on how to maintain your well
  • Low yield well solutions
  • Water well Abandonment *

Our mandate is to find the best solution for each situation. We follow the rules and regulations set out by The Ministry of the Environment ( Reg 903) and the Best Management Practices.

*If you live in the Region of Peel, The region is offering FREE Water Well Abandonment. Please check with your local region or municipality if they offer a similar program.

Test Drive a virtual pressure system and see the difference for yourself

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Conventional System

View how a conventional system handles water pressure using multiple household appliances.



Constant Pressure System

View how a Franklin Electric constant pressure system handles water pressure using multiple household appliances.



How We Do It

View an interactive example of how our systems work.



View an interactive example of a sprinkler system using both a conventional system and a constant pressure system.