You may be eligible for The Region of Peel’s Private Well Abandonment Program

If you live in Peel and have an old and unused private well, you may be eligible to take advantage of this fully funded program.

The program aims to protect Peel’s groundwater sources. Old and unused wells threaten groundwater sources by allowing pollutants such as chemicals and bacteria to contaminate groundwater, a drinking water source for most Region of Peel residents.

About the program

  • It is fully funded by the Region of Peel
  • It is limited in time and funding and is on a first come, first served basis
  • Requests are taken throughout the year; however, decommissioning work is typically completed from March to November
  • The program is administered by the Water Quality and Compliance group
  • Well decommissioning is carried out by a qualified and licensed well contractor
  • Wells are decommissioned in accordance with the Ontario Wells Regulation 903under the Ontario Water Resources Act, 1990, which govern the well construction, maintenance and decommissioning of wells
  • Each request is evaluated prior to the start of any work

Program eligibility

  • You have a drilled or dug well on your property that is old and no longer used
  • Your well or wells are located within existing private residential or farming properties
  • The well is located in Caledon, rural Brampton or Mississauga

Find out more information, visit The Region of Peel’s Public Works website.